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Parking in Erskineville

Letter from Clover Moore MP's office - 21 June 2012

Dear Mike
Parking in Erskineville
I refer to your email about the parking survey in Erskineville. I apologise for the delay
in responding.

I note your comments about the time taken to complete the parking study. After
Council endorsed a review of parking in Erskineville last year, the City’s Access and
Transport Unit drafted a study brief in consultation with Friends of Erskineville (FoE).
The parking study brief was approved in November 2011 and quotes to do the work
sought in December 2011. After the holiday period, when university exams and
holidays would have affected the study results, consultants were engaged in March 2012.

The purpose of this stage of the study is to understand the current parking situation.
The study provides a snapshot of cars parked on two representative blocks of a
street in Erskineville, compared with two blocks in Darlington and Glebe, to gain a
better understanding of parking pressures in Erskineville. All parking on these two
blocks was surveyed over three different days from 6am to 8pm.

City staff will meet with the local community this week to present the draft parking
management strategies and residents have been given a four-page summary of the
study in advance of the meeting. The study indicates that parking saturation is
predominantly linked to residents’ vehicles, not the vehicles of people travelling to
the area.

Following this week’s meeting, the consultants’ report will be finalised and City staff
will review the results to prepare a recommendation for Council, following
considerable local consultation on draft parking management strategies.

It’s very rare for residents to universally agree to blanket parking restrictions, such as
making the entire suburb 2P resident permit parking only. The City needs to proceed
with local consultation before introducing changes and would normally retain at least
10 per cent of unrestricted parking to accommodate the needs of vehicles without
resident parking permits.

I note your concerns about car share; however, the number of on-street spaces in

Erskineville hasn’t doubled in five months. One new space has been installed since
October 2011, for a total of 13 on-street car share bays out of approximately 1100
on-street parking spaces in Erskineville. The car share vehicles in the area are well
used, with each averaging more than 200 hours per month (six hours per day). This
provides an alternative for people who need a car occasionally, reducing competition
for limited on-street parking spaces.

I also note your concern that the current survey of parking doesn’t take into account
projected population and development. The City will soon begin work on a transport
plan for the southern part of the City. It will include the Ashmore urban renewal site,
other urban renewal sites like Green Square, and other significant developments in
the area. The plan will assess the transport needs, identify gaps in public transport
services and recommend improvements to the NSW Government.

If you would like to speak with a Council officer about parking in Erskineville, you can
contact Mitchell Lee, Transport Planner, on 9265 9333 or at mlee@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au.

Yours sincerely
Clover Moore MP
Lord Mayor of Sydney
Friends of Erskineville,
23 Jun 2012, 22:14