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Letter to Council re Parking

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Mr M Hannan
Parking Project Manager
City of Sydney

By email to: mhannan@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au
Copy by email to: Monica Barone – CEO COS; Lord Mayor Clover Moore; Deputy Lord Mayor Robyn Kemmis; Councillor Jenny Green; Councillor John Mant; Councillor Robert Kok; Councillor Christine Forster; Councillor Ed Mandla; Councillor Irene Doutney; Councillor Linda Scott; Councillor Angela Vithoulkas; Ms Elizabeth Rush COS; Mr Joseph Gomes COS

Dear Mr Hannan

I refer to the above referenced parking study and to proposals which were subsequently distributed to residents for further comment by February 22, 2013. I also note that it is intended that final proposals will be placed before the COS Traffic Committee on 20 March, 2013 for agreement to implement the proposals forthwith.

I am concerned that the present proposals:
have not been made on a zone basis but have been made in isolation on a street by street basis with the possible result of overflow of vehicles from resident restricted streets into non-restricted streets which are already parking stressed; 
lack an associated visitor parking scheme which is essential from the date of implementation of any resident scheme; 

And I am also concerned that:

the initial letter from COS did not spell out the effect of restricted streets overflowing into non-restricted streets – and in particular in relation to the Ashmore development where there will be no resident scheme as confirmed by the Lord Mayor and there is planned dramatic reduced availability of off street parking; 

do not appear to take into account variances needed in  the proposed time frame (1P. 2P 10 pm etc.) for a resident scheme; 

the known poor condition of public transport infrastructure has not been adequately considered which is essential if car ownership/usage is to be restricted by a resident parking scheme

do not provide a traffic plan for Erskineville as additional information which residents can use to assist in making a sound decision

there has been no action for COS to facilitate a second public meeting to discuss final proposals when such a meeting attended by 5 Councillors and Chaired by the Lord Mayor took place in Alexandria.

As a result of these and other issues surrounding parking which I believe require more discussion, I am requesting that you

1. Convene a second public meeting of Erskineville residents to discuss the COS resident parking scheme proposals as they have been distributed and as similarly took place in Alexandria during that study

2. The second meeting be convened on a Saturday in order to maximise attendance by residents

3. No plan be placed before the Traffic Committee until the second meeting has taken place and further resident input and comment has been obtained

Parking is a major issue for Erskineville residents and there are many and varied views on the matter and all residents should have the opportunity to air those views in a public manner and to make comment at a further public meeting.

I look forward to your agreement to this proposal and to receiving notification of the date of the second meeting.
Thank you for your consideration of this matter.