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Erskineville Parking Study

Update 30th June 2012

Following representations from FOE in May 2011, the City of Sydney Council (COS) agreed to a parking study of Erskineville. The COS mandated that the study be an audit of on street parking in every street in Erskineville and that consultants be employed and the study initiated as a matter of priority.


At the end of 2011 the matter had not been progressed and FOE pressured the COS to get the study under way. As a result consultants were appointed and FOE was requested to attend a meeting in May 2012 to discuss how the study would be progressed.


At the May meeting FOE made the following points:


1.     The study had to be a complete audit as agreed

2.     The study needed to take into account imminent development such as the Ashmore precinct

3.     The effect of COS approval of development without a requirement for off street parking had to be considered

4.     The effect of the COS car share scheme, including allocation of slots and usage, had to be considered

5.     Any report produced had to be letter box dropped to all Erskineville residents and a public meeting called for residents to respond to the report findings

6.     Timetable was to have the issue completed by August 2012


At the request of council, FOE agreed to supply initial resident feedback within 4 days of the meeting. This feedback was obtained from residents who had communicated on the issue in early 2011, and from the survey carried out by FOE which resulted in the compilation of a report on resident views which was submitted to the COS.


In early June 2012 FOE was contacted and advised that COS planned to have another meeting on June 14 with FOE delegates, and that meeting would be followed by a public meeting with residents on June 22. At that time FOE was also provided with a proposed letter box drop document calling the public meeting of residents.


In response to this notification FOE advised the COS that the survey was incomplete as only one street had been surveyed and compared to other streets in different suburbs; there was no detailed report available for FOE delegates to study before meeting with the COS; timing of a week between the June 14 and June 22 meetings was too short as a report needed to be produced and the report should be made available to residents to study prior to the public meeting. COS acknowledged these comments from FOE but took no further action.


On 12 June FOE delegates received a confidential copy of the consultant’s report and on14 June, 2012 FOE attended a further meeting with COS officers. At this 14 June meeting FOE indicated


·        FOE believed the report was flawed as only one street had been surveyed and not every street as had been agreed

·        The report contained no investigation of the development and car share issues that had been previously raised

·        The report contained proposals that were identical to those proposed in 2010 on this matter, and as COS had not adopted the proposals in 2010 then what guarantee did residents have that they same proposals would be adopted in 2012. (It was later disclosed that the 2010 recommendations had not even been submitted to Councilors for consideration and no reason as to why this had not been done could be offered at the meeting)

·        The public meeting scheduled for June 22 should not be limited to 1 hour but should be open ended to allow all residents present to give their opinion on the proposals

·        A register of attendees and their vehicle numbers should be obtained at the public meeting so COS had a guide as to the number of vehicles in the suburb

·        The area east of Erskineville railway station – which the city had designated as Alexandria for parking survey purposes and hence ignored in this study – should be included in the study as part of the Erskineville suburb, and detailed consideration should also be given to the creation of drop off zones for the schools east of Erskineville station.


COS made it clear that it was their intent to proceed with the public meeting and limit it to one hour – which is what happened.


At the public meeting residents in attendance gave their views on the study and it is now a matter for the COS to provide a street by street plan for on street parking in Erskineville. Once this plan has been developed a further public meeting of residents must be called for consideration of the plan and subsequent action by the COS. In addition, the 2011 statistics for Erskineville released on the day of the public meeting indicated a 1.1 car per household average – with 17% of residences having 2 or more cars registered. These statistics fly in the face of the COS attempts to eliminate resident ownership of vehicles.


FOE will continue to monitor the progress of this matter.

Friends of Erskineville,
6 Feb 2012, 19:41