Supermarket / Apartments

Information as of 2011

Supermarket & 20 Apartments approved without resident parking for apartments 21-23 Erskineville Road, Newtown

20 Bike Racks……………………No Resident Parking, it should be about BALANCE

It is very disappointing to report that on Monday, 16 May 2011 Sydney City Council voted to approve the 20 apartments on the above site without any resident parking, Council insisted on the inclusion of a bike rack for each apartment, because of existing pressure on parking. Greens Councilor Chris Harris, Liberal Shayne Mallard and Clover Moore Political Party member Councillor Di Tonai heralded the development as ideal for Newtown/Erskineville, despite the residents fighting the proposal as we struggle to find a car space daily. There were more than 69 objections to this DA and a Community meeting which filled the Erskineville Town Hall. Councillors Chris Harris, Shayne Mallard and Di Tornai said the development would achieve affordable housing and apartments for people who wanted to live in the city without a car. Lord Mayor Clover Moore said “…the development on Erskineville Rd, Newtown was near two train stations, on a bus line and cycle route.”
Print Media in Sydney has recently carried the story that the Lord Mayor has a $50,000 garage at her private residence, a chauffeur driven car, and dedicated  parking at Town Hall and Parliament House.

“When it comes to car parking, Clover gets more as you get less.”

How Council voted.

For the apartments without parking:

Clover Moore Political Party:
Clover Moore, Marcelle Hoff, John McInerney, Phillip Black, Di Tornai, and Robert Kok
Shayne Mallard
Chris Harris 
Opposing the DA (supporting the resident opposition) :

Irene Doutney
Meredith Burgmann 
The Facts not (conveniently) debated at Council

  1. Apartments will sell / rent for:

    1. 1 Bedroom  $470,000- $530,000 Rent $470.00-$500.00

    2. 2 bedroom $650,000-$700,000 Rent $550.00- $650.00

  2.  Affordable Housing costs are defined as totaling 25- 30% of gross household income, this equates to only 44 % of total / selling price, not by any definition an affordable housing opportunity.

  3. Council during the debate was ignorant of the parking requirements under the Draft Local Environment Plan adopted in 2010 by the City of Sydney.  In terms of this site, and its proposed residential component, under the Council’s adopted draft plan the maximum number of car spaces would be 10, with a maximum for 4 visitor spaces.  The rationale around approving no car spaces is difficult to reconcile. 

The decision not to provide parking allows the developer to achieve high levels of profitability as he is now not required to excavate the site for resident car parking. Council’s decision is another example of favouring the developer lobby. It is also noted that in the approval by Council that there are contamination issues on the site which will need to be resolved before the final consent is given. This site was built as a car maintenance garage and then converted to a shoe manufacturing factory. What is the contamination on site!!! , with out excavation we may never know.