Community Gardens

Erskineville Community Garden Proposal

Dear Resident,

The City of Sydney is seeking community feedback on a proposal from local residents to formalise existing community gardening at 54-56 Erskineville Road, Erskineville, into an approved community garden.


The City property is between residential dwellings and is now being maintained by volunteers from the Erskineville Community Garden group. 

The proposal seeks to formalise the current site plan and operations - the proposed management plan for the garden is also available in the library.

The City invites your comments on this community garden proposal before Friday 24 May 2013.

You can comment:

All feedback will be considered, along with the City’s Community Gardens Policy, which includes details on location, safety, design, accessibility, solar access and community support.

A recommendation about this proposal will then be made to the City’s Environment and Heritage Committee. People who comment on the proposal will be advised about the committee meeting date and venue, and have the opportunity to speak there.

To speak to a Council officer about this proposal, please contact Raewyn Broadfoot, Community Gardens Coordinator on 9265 9786 or email

More information about Community Gardens is also available on the Green Villages website.

Community Garden
Erskineville Road,Erskineville (opposite BP Service Station )
Working Days
10am, 1st Sunday each month.In the garden, opposite BP service station,
Bring your tools and have some fun. 

  • We have an enthusiastic resident of "The Presidio" apartments encouraging the neighbouring apartments to deliver their scraps to a bin, so the bin can be emptied with the Erko community composting ……..three cheers

  • Local businesses are also encouraged to participate in community gardening and composting, with "The Hive" recently starting up a small plot

  • Local businesses can also contribute to composting with fruit and veg scraps, paper napkins and coffee grinds, and also lessen their volume of waste to landfill

  • Weather and plenty of rain has been great for gardening, and the best veggies for harvesting have been leafy greens (spinach, chard, rocket, parsley)

  • The peas and snow peas are almost ready for harvesting (if you don’t start picking now as they are so yummy)

  • We found lots of eggplants hiding under leaves mint, oregano, thyme and other herbs are growing well

  • The monthly meeting bees are the first Sunday of every month from 10am, and last Sunday we had a good turnout of curious and interested locals

  • The composting bins are for everyone to use, to encourage saving scraps to bring to the bins, thus saving throwing in with household rubbish

  • Composting reduces household waste that is transported for tipping, and is a great source of nutrients for the gardens when it has turned to lovely dark mulch

  • Composting can include fruit and veggies scraps, crumpled newspaper & napkins (carbon), vacuum dust, garden cuttings...but NO MEAT, FISH, BONES OR DAIRY

  • Community gardening and composting is a great way to be in a relaxing environment, meet neighbours, learn about edible foods from other gardeners, become inspired, and much more...