posted 5 Mar 2012, 19:56 by Friends of Erskineville
Media Release 23rd February 2012

Lock The Gate Alliance is gobsmacked by the report released yesterday by Santos into the operations of Eastern Star Gas in the Pilliga, stating that it reveals a litany of failures that should signal the end to coal seam gas mining in NSW.
"This report reads like an environmental horror movie - dead kangaroos in coal seam gas ponds, toxic spills of produced coal seam gas water, excessive clearing of precious bushland and salt-laden water discharged into creeks" said Drew Hutton, President of Lock The Gate Alliance.
"It shows that regulation of coal seam gas, even at the exploration phase, is non-existent and that gas companies themselves can't be trusted.
"The report reveals that Eastern Star Gas failed to report major incidents to the regulators and even suggests that some records were falsified.”
"This is a damning indictment of the coal seam gas industry and the NSW Government. They have repeatedly ignored claims of environmental damage by the community, but those claims have now been completely vindicated.”
"What more is it going to take for the NSW Government to take some real action on coal seam gas? How many dead kangaroos, toxic spills and dying forests will it take before Barry O'Farrell stands up to this rapacious industry and enacts the will of the people?”
"The failures of this industry are now exposed for all to see and they can no longer be swept under the carpet.”
"Coal seam gas is a disaster waiting to happen in NSW but there is still time to do something about.”
"Either a full moratorium is implemented now or Barry O'Farrell can expect all sorts of trouble in the years ahead" he said.”
Jacinta Green, Vice President of Lock the Gate Alliance, and spokesperson for Stop CSG Sydney, has visited the Pilliga twice in the last few months. “The damage was obvious, and until quite recently SANTOS have being denying everything. They still haven’t explained why their own PR people were claiming just a few short months ago that the damage reported by locals was simply staining by eucalypt leaves.”
“SANTOS also appear to be trying to hide the fact that while lots of this damage was occurring, they were 20% shareholders in Eastern Star Gas”.
“Sydney residents have just found out that APEX have started drilling in the water catchment under a similar exploration licence. This is not acceptable. This is the drinking water for 4 million people. We cannot be gambling with people’s health in this manner.”
Drew Hutton – President, Lock The Gate Alliance, 0428 487 110
Jacinta Green – Vice President, Lock The Gate Alliance, 0425 207 180