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Gas Mining at Sydney Park / St Peters: The controversial method of ‘fracking’ to extract gas is being mooted for the inner west. A test well has been set-up in Sydney Park. More details can be found on the website www.nogasmininginsydney.com

Residents forced to drastic action in the face of inaction by Government: Gaslands reaches Sydney bus stops

posted 5 Mar 2012, 19:58 by Friends of Erskineville

Stop CSG Sydney media release:

6th March 2012


Residents forced to drastic action in the face of inaction by Government: Gaslands reaches Sydney bus stops


This morning bus commuters on the way into the Sydney CBD may have found a copy of the award winning documentary Gasland in their bus shelter.


More than one hundred copies were distributed this morning around bus stops in Sydney by members of the community action group Stop CSG-Sydney.


"We are constantly told that we are spreading misinformation (but they never specify what) and of using the movie 'Gasland' as propaganda. By refusing once again to meet us, and in light of the urban residents being ignored in the Strategic Regional Land Use Planning process, this Government has left us with no choice.” says Stop CSG-Sydney spokesperson Isabel McIntosh


 “Today we are launching a real world viral campaign to encourage people to watch the DVD, and then pass it on to family or friends, or to leave it somewhere where it can be picked up by someone else,” says Stop CSG-Sydney spokesperson Isabel McIntosh. 


“Each DVD has a note on the back urging those who find them to Pick me up. Watch me. Pass me on,” says Isabel McIntosh. “Each DVD is also individually numbered and we are hoping people will tweet (#CSGDVD) or add a photo to Facebook telling where they found the DVD, what they thought of it, and how they passed it on. We’re hoping the DVDs will stay in circulation for more than a year."


“Our group has been attempting for nearly a year to meet with NSW Mining Minister Chris Hartcher to understand what’s happening with Dart Energy’s permit to explore for Coal Seam Gas in Sydney’s inner city. We are distributing these DVDs of Gasland to help inform people in our city about the risks of Coal Seam Gas if the industry is not regulated.  In the US, it’s destroyed the farming lands of Wyoming and in Texas there are wells bumping up to suburban backyard fences,” says Isabel McIntosh, an inner west Sydney resident.


“Dart Energy’s licence to explore for Coal Seam Gas across more 2300 square kilometres of the Sydney Basin expired last October and if it is simply allowed enter the renewal process, Mr. Hartcher is trying to bypass his own policy position and is effectively blocking communities from having any input into the process," says Stop CSG-Sydney spokesperson Jacinta Green. “Across the state there are a number of exploration licences coming up for renewal and none of these should be automatically reviewed. Instead all should have to comply with the government’s new regulations including those for improved community consultation.”


"Governments are meant to represent, inform and protect communities. We hope they will soon start taking this responsibility they were elected to do seriously.”


Stop CSG Sydney has been attempting to have conversations with Hon. Chris Hartcher (Minister for Mining) in regards to the licence to drill for Coal Seam Gas in the Sydney basin since August 2011. They have continually encountered obstacles.



More information contact Jacinta Green on 0425 207 180 or Isabel McIntosh 0412 407 472.

Media release authorised by Stop CSG-Sydney.


Rally against coal seam gas before parliamentary debate  - 15 March

A petition signed by more than 20,000 people calling for a ban on fracking, a moratorium on all CSG mining activities and a Royal Commission into the health will be debated in NSWParliament on March 15. A rally organised by Stop CSG-Sydney and Stop CSG-Illawarra will take place outside parliament beforehand and is expected to be attended by community representatives from across the state.

What:                   Rally against coal seam gas before parliamentary debate
Where:                Parliament House, Macquarie Street, Sydney
When:                  Thurs, March 15, 4pm

More information contact Paul Benedek on 0410 629 088 or Isabel McIntosh 0412 407 472


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Media Release 23rd February 2012

Lock The Gate Alliance is gobsmacked by the report released yesterday by Santos into the operations of Eastern Star Gas in the Pilliga, stating that it reveals a litany of failures that should signal the end to coal seam gas mining in NSW.
"This report reads like an environmental horror movie - dead kangaroos in coal seam gas ponds, toxic spills of produced coal seam gas water, excessive clearing of precious bushland and salt-laden water discharged into creeks" said Drew Hutton, President of Lock The Gate Alliance.
"It shows that regulation of coal seam gas, even at the exploration phase, is non-existent and that gas companies themselves can't be trusted.
"The report reveals that Eastern Star Gas failed to report major incidents to the regulators and even suggests that some records were falsified.”
"This is a damning indictment of the coal seam gas industry and the NSW Government. They have repeatedly ignored claims of environmental damage by the community, but those claims have now been completely vindicated.”
"What more is it going to take for the NSW Government to take some real action on coal seam gas? How many dead kangaroos, toxic spills and dying forests will it take before Barry O'Farrell stands up to this rapacious industry and enacts the will of the people?”
"The failures of this industry are now exposed for all to see and they can no longer be swept under the carpet.”
"Coal seam gas is a disaster waiting to happen in NSW but there is still time to do something about.”
"Either a full moratorium is implemented now or Barry O'Farrell can expect all sorts of trouble in the years ahead" he said.”
Jacinta Green, Vice President of Lock the Gate Alliance, and spokesperson for Stop CSG Sydney, has visited the Pilliga twice in the last few months. “The damage was obvious, and until quite recently SANTOS have being denying everything. They still haven’t explained why their own PR people were claiming just a few short months ago that the damage reported by locals was simply staining by eucalypt leaves.”
“SANTOS also appear to be trying to hide the fact that while lots of this damage was occurring, they were 20% shareholders in Eastern Star Gas”.
“Sydney residents have just found out that APEX have started drilling in the water catchment under a similar exploration licence. This is not acceptable. This is the drinking water for 4 million people. We cannot be gambling with people’s health in this manner.”
Drew Hutton – President, Lock The Gate Alliance, 0428 487 110
Jacinta Green – Vice President, Lock The Gate Alliance, 0425 207 180

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