Vass ~ Feb 1, 2012

posted 31 Jan 2012, 17:49 by Friends of Erskineville   [ updated 31 Jan 2012, 18:27 ]
Please do not do to Erskineville what you have done to Waterloo! I am disgusted with the number of developments there. Waterloo has the 'slums of tomorrow' writen all over it. It is not only an eye sore but lacks proper planning, infrastructure and is way overcrowded. Trying to drive through to the other side of Southern Cross Drive is now impossible during peak hours. The overshadowing and wind tunnel effect is not at all pleasant. I live adjacent to the Ashmore Precinct, and still enjoy being able to listen to the birds calling first thing in the morning. I still enjoy looking at the sky and getting sunshine. I still enjoy driving, riding and walking home without the traffic congestion. I will not enjoy increased traffic, increased noise and increased pollutants. I will not enjoy more concrete poured and turned into 9-level appartment blocks, i will not enjoy my residence being overshadowed and getting less sunshine. I will not enjoy the wind tunnel effect caused by adjacent buildings. Instead of trying to squeeze as many people as you can in a limited space, take some time to think about the impact not only to the environment, but also to the current and future residents. It should not be about how much of a short term financial gain you will have now. Please take some time to think about the long term impact. Spend a day in Waterloo and tell me what you like about it? Then spend the day in Erskineville and see the difference. Erskineville is one of the most beautiful suburbs in the Inner West. Please respect the community and do not destroy it like you have destroyed Waterloo. WE live there so listen to US.