Tim - Jan 29, 2012

posted 29 Jan 2012, 13:55 by Friends of Erskineville   [ updated 29 Jan 2012, 13:55 ]

I wish to object to the Ashmore redevelopment. It is an extreme overdevelopment and completely out of character with the surrounding Erskineville residential precinct. This development if allowed to proceed will irreversibly damage amenity to all local residents. 

Specifically my objections to the current Ashmore Precinct Development Plan are;

1. The Height of buildings is out of scale with the surrounding area. The density of the buildings proposed for the site varying in height between 2 and 9 levels is extreme. Notwithstanding the push to have 19 storey (60m) towers erected on the site. The height of proposed buildings will create overshadowing of existing resident premises and also on proposed new residences. On reading the contamination report on the site I cannot see for a moment why the developer should justify needing greater density in order to cover the costs with decontaminating the site. They need to take responsibility and if it's not commercially viable to develop the site without turning it into a hi-res ghetto then the reality is, then it's not commercially viable full stop. This is nothing but a cynical ploy to put more pressure to overdevelop the site. 

2. The influx of the proposed 6000 new residents will create traffic chaos. The area is beset with narrow streets and we experience constant traffic congestion. There is no potential to widen roads and no foreseeable plan to alleviate more cars in a very small precinct. I have experienced first hand how the increased density of apartments around South Dowling Street has added considerable time to the commute to the Eastern Suburbs. This will be a poor outcome for all.

3. A parking nightmare awaits. We experience serious parking problems now and are working to implement tighter zoning - not that this will remedy much.The suggestion that providing around 1950 parking spaces for 3200 apartments is acceptable is a gross oversight. This demonstrates a greedy developer is completely unconcerned about displacing existing residents parking. There should be one space for each apartment/town house.
4. There is no planning for increased public transport - buses and trains are already heavily crowded in peak hour (try Erskineville station at 8am any weekday - breath in, you wouldn't want to be elderly or pregnant etc).
The rail service is at capacity on this line - and I have no doubt that an increase of approximately 6200 additional residents will create further delays and problems. Oh and where's the disabled access for the Erskineville station? If State Rail can't fix the basics after 10 years of battling and the best it can provide is a service sparser than the year 2000 timetable then as a city we should have no belief that this will be addressed by government.

5. This will be a nail in the coffin for the Council's 'City of Villages' vision. The reality is the convivial community at Erskineville will be completely overwhelmed by hi-res development fostered by a short term grab for cash.
The proposed increases in story heights and floor space ratio will result in unsustainable increases in traffic, parking and public transport congestion. A population increase from 6,000 to 12,000+ is not acceptable, desirable or sustainable! 

The low rise, low density urban design plan of 2006 is an appropriate approach.