Anonymous - Jan 22, 2012

posted 26 Jan 2012, 20:03 by Friends of Erskineville
Dear John and Abby

Hello, I am writing to you to reiterate my strong concerns about the proposed development in the Ashmore Estate - having now seen the hard copy of the proposal on display at Newtown Library.

As an Erskineville resident living in Ashmore Street, my concerns are the following:

1. Why has the low rise, low density urban design plan of 2006 been scrapped? The current increases in story heights and floor space ratio will result in unsustainable increases in traffic, parking and public transport congestion, and destroy Erskineville's current profile as an 'inner-city village' of the type City of Sydney claims it wants to preserve. A population increase from 6,000 to 12,000+ is unacceptable!

2. The proposal claims that the preservation of established trees is a priority - YET every single plan I have cited indicates that the beautiful, healthy stand of 5-6 fig trees on the corner of Mitchell Rd and Ashmore St are to be torn down and an ugly 'corner' building erected in their place. These trees must be saved.

3. Similarly, the lush strip of trees and bushes running behind the houses in Ashmore street (numbers 54 onwards) - which currently provide shade, tranquility and a privacy shield, are to be torn down, to make way for 'rear lane access' that we don't want! These trees should be preserved as a pedestrian walkway and park in the new development, once again in keeping with the City of Sydney's green credentials, and in character with other small parks that have been preserved in Erskineville over the years..

4. The new street that will run parallel to 54 Ashmore street from North to South,  through the Estate, called 'Kooka Way', in earlier plans appeared to be solely a pedestrian and bicycle 'green corridor' - but now appears to be a full blown road for cars. I have already asked the City of Sydney to tell me whether I am reading this correctly, and am still waiting for an answer. The original green corridor idea should be preserved at all costs, and if a road is now planned, an explanation given to residents about why this change has been made.

5. The established trees and bushes that currently grow on the  border of Kooka Way, running down the eastern side of numbers 54 and 55 Ashmore Street, according to the plans, are to be torn down and replaced with grass. Once again this is unacceptable and I and all residents affected will protest it strongly. There is no reason why these trees cannot be left as they are.

Thank you for registering these concerns.

Any feedback much appreciated.