Amalina ~ 26 Jan 2012

posted 2 Feb 2012, 19:26 by Friends of Erskineville
My children went to Erskineville Primary and Lady Gowrie Childcare Centre, and I have loved and lived in Erskineville since 1983. I appreciate the opportunity to be able to comment on the proposed redevelopment at Ashmore Estate. People in my street were nervous when Sydney Council took over from South Sydney Council, our big fear was that councillors with a more remote connection to Erskineville would increase development in the area. We were assured that Sydney Council has a commitment to maintaining a city of villages, and that Erskineville would not suffer from being governed by Sydney City Council. In 2006 you reassured us with a low-rise plan for Erskineville.

What has happened?

By approving developments of high density apartments of up to 9 and in some cases 19 stories high, the Council is irreparably changing the nature of Erskineville, by imposing shadows on nearby residents, leaving less than 5% public open space, it could  create a mini Hong Kong in Erko. We are already congested - and such extreme over-development would turn Erskineville into Gotham City.

I understand that state planning regulations have been changed. We vote for councillors to act as a buffer to big government -  we have local government to ensure local needs are met. We hope that you, as our Lord Mayor, will think about the negative impact on residents of doubling the population here. The increased human pressure here will add to the pressures of getting on a train to work in the morning (already a sardine-squeeze), to parking pressures (they are not solved by eliminating parking from planning), to more pollution from cars and to more congestion on our narrow roads.

Please keep Erskineville free of from multi-storey developments. Please don't make a Gold Coast in Erko - we don't have a beach to retreat to.