Alan - Jan 28, 2012

posted 29 Jan 2012, 14:00 by Friends of Erskineville
Please do not allow buildings of more than six storeys because of over shadowing. If there are going to be a big population increase as a result of the building can we have more trains at Erskineville station, and the Eastern Suburbs trains stop there. The 308 bus service is inadequate very few running during the day and can we have a liquid led display of bus arrival times at the main stops like they do in Europe, ie Route No. and updated ETA for that route. This would take all the wondering about catching the bus, as they rarely run to timetable. I say scrap the Timetable and just display the frequency on the Liquid Led ie every 10-15min, every 20 mins, 30mins etc.
Please limit the buildings to 6 floors because of over shadowing and because of the extra population please increase the trains at Erskinville and St.Peters and allow the Eastern Suburbs line to stop. Bus service 308 could be improved and liquid led display at main stops as in Europe would be a big help ie arrival times expected, are there any plans for this to happen?