Adam - Jan 23, 2012

posted 26 Jan 2012, 19:37 by Friends of Erskineville
Increasing the height of residential buildings from the original report will not have a positive impact on the area. Traffic on the local roads is already increasing, and finding a parking space can be difficult already. It will be even harder when the new buildings are in and new residents and visitors enter the area. Many roads in the "Ashmore Estate" boundary are small roads, not at all designed for increased traffic flow (e.g Eve St & MacDonald St). Mitchell Road and Sydney Park road are often bumper to bumper on weekends. Public transport is also getting busier - particularly at peak periods. Again, this will only get worse. Also, as a home owner in the area living in a ground floor apartment - the increased building height will provide less privacy, but also block a substantial amount of daylight from my apartment.