Contamination of Ashmore

The following is section 39 of a City of Sydney Council document

The site generally was a former swamp prior to development as the former Metters 
factory, which closed in 1973. This former use has left a legacy of contamination. It 
is understood that Macquarie Goodman has undertaken some preliminary 
investigations regarding site remediation, and that a significant cost may result 
from remediation. Council recognises this is a substantial cost, however Macquarie 
Goodman are inferring that the FSR* should be set to allow them to compensate for 
the costs of contamination and stormwater management works. They note in their 
submission that their motivation as an organisation is to provide “a good return to 
the unit holders of the Macquarie Goodman Trust” which is demonstrated by their 
through indicative plans which are proposing an FSR of 2.0:1,and built from that 
will dominate the surrounding area with buildings that are up to 12 storeys (40m). 

* FSR - Floor Space Ratio
Friends of Erskineville,
13 Feb 2012, 18:58