City of Sydney Draft Development Control Plan & Local Environment Plan



FOE delegates made a submission and presentation to the COS Planning Committee in relation to the COS proposed DDCP.


As part of the presentation, FOE cited the case of an Alexandria resident where the COS, under delegated authority to a staff planner, had allowed development which had removed over 80% of a next door neighbor’s light in both the neighbor’s house and rear garden. Photographs were produced and circulated to Councilors as evidence and the Committee was asked to make major amendments to the proposed DDCP.


In the week between the Planning Committee meeting and the Council meeting to discuss the matter, Council changed parts of the proposed DCP to increase the space required between developments of neighboring properties in order to alleviate any loss of light.


Council consequently adopted the DCP as amended.




FOE made presentations to the COS Planning Committee on their proposed LEP – the plan that governs all development within the COS municipality. Specifically FOE was concerned that the proposed plan removed many of the checks and balances in existence under the South Sydney Council, and in effect opens the door to development of increased floor apace ratios (leading to smaller rooms) and increased building heights.


FOE requested a 6 week extension to further flesh out its concerns and present a reasoned paper to the Planning Committee as FOE had only received 4 working days’ notice of the meeting. The Lord Mayor chairing the meeting refused unilaterally to allow any extension without even calling for a vote on the FOE proposal.


The COS proposed LEP is now with the State Government Department of Planning and Infrastructure for consideration and approval so the COS can implement the proposal.


This issue was raised with Minister Hazzard when FOE and ARAG representatives met with the Minister, and FOE and ARAG are presently working on a Ministerial briefing paper in relation to their concerns. The briefing paper will be forwarded to the Minister as soon as it is completed and the Minister is aware that it will be submitted to him in the very near future.