5th Oct, Update on the Ashmore Precinct Development

posted 5 Oct 2012, 00:14 by Friends of Erskineville   [ updated 5 Oct 2012, 00:15 ]

Dear Fellow Resident

Many of you will recall that back in March 2012 you supported Friends of Erskineville and made a submission in relation to a Development Application from Leighton Properties to construct apartments and town houses in the Ashmore precinct. A copy of that submission is still available on our website.

It is of note that the council has basically not responded to the submissions that were made, and those submissions largely related to improved public transport infrastructure; parking and traffic issues; height of the development; provision of facilities such as schools and pre-schools etc.

In the last 48 hours FOE has learned that council plans to have stage one of a Leighton DA, which we understand is vastly different to the original on which the March submissions were made, put before the Central Sydney Planning Committee for decision on Thursday next, 11 October, 2012.

In spite of assurances given by the Lord Mayor that we would be kept advised of proceedings, FOE has not been officially informed of this plan; nor have we been given copies of the new plans; nor has there been an exhibition of the revised plan; and at this time nor has there been an opportunity afforded to residents to comment on the revised proposal. Indeed FOE only learned of the plan by way or rumor, and subsequently confirmed what was happening.

Accompanying this note is a letter to the Lord Mayor setting out our concerns, and expressing the need for further consultation and investigation. This development application appears to be rushed, and it is of great concern that there appears to be major changes which as yet have not been advised to residents or interested groups who have made submissions in the past. One in fact is drawn to the conclusion that we may well be in the process of being sidelined in this scenario.

I urge you to read and consider the accompanying letter which has already been sent to the Council by FOE. If you are in agreement with the FOE stance, can you please go to www.erskinevillevillage.org where you will find a simple letter to which you can add your name and address and send to the council in support of the FOE letter.

Residents have the right to be consulted on this issue. We all know that we are already suffering from clogged roads, lack of parking, insufficient public transport, insufficient facilities and other issues surrounding the development of the Ashmore precinct. It is therefore essential that we voice our concerns that these matters be addressed now rather than we residents being left with a range of problems to solve long after this council has moved on, staff have changed and State government personnel have also changed. Commitments without certainty are valueless as we have experienced in the past.


Thank you for your support


Mike Hatton