8th Mar, Central Sydney Planning Committee

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There were 22 speakers: residents, landowners, developers including Goodmans and Leightons, and lawyers acting on behalf of clients.


 ‘Relevant To’ notes were provided directly before the meeting. These are notes pertinent to points that will be discussed in the meeting. A point about Ashmore stood out:


“The city plan generated 510 submissions about the Ashmore precinct. In summary the vast majority of the submissions are concerned about the exhibited controls for the Goodman owned land... The remainder of the Ashmore precinct generated a very small number of submissions about the impacts on privacy for residences located on the western side of the railway line. These concerns do not justify a review of the LEP height controls and will be addressed through the development application process.”


FOE's Andrew Marshall addressed the meeting:

 ·         I thanked the Lord Mayor, councillors and committee for the meeting; stated I was a resident and VP of FOE; spoke briefly about the changes to FSRs in the heritage and conservations areas, and how neighbouring councils were reducing their FSR’s. (other residents had already addressed these concerns). I also stressed how wonderful it was to live in the area and what great work the Council has done to improve the liveability of these areas.

·         I then quoted from the “Relevant To..” and stated that the reason the submissions were mostly to do with Goodmans was that was the point of the public meeting last March, chaired by the Lord Mayor, so naturally the submissions were about that area and not the Ashmore precinct as a whole. Further to that, in recent months the FOE has produced a lot of work concerning the Ashmore precinct, including many submissions on the area, and had organised a public meeting two weeks ago attended by over 200 people where two councillors attended and unanimous resolutions were passed.

·         In several responses in Attachment G2 Ashmore LEP area, the Council’s reply to concerns, for example Public transport, was that the problems are “beyond the scope of the City Draft Plan”, but the plan should consider them. Also, within this plan, it states that it is not to provide population increases, just densities.

·         That stated we did not understand how an LEP could be considered when the DCP for Ashmore is still under consideration and the exhibition had only ended on 29/02, a date kindly extended by the Lord Mayor after representation by the FOE.


When senior planner Andrew Thomas summed up, comments on the Ashmore section were:

“We note Leightons asking to expedite the DA process.”

“We note Goodman’s concerns about the deferral...” (the Goodmans’ land is to be deferred from the LEP and they want that disregarded. If itis not disregarded, Goodman want a planning framework with timelines). 

“We note Mr Marshall’s comments about the submissions but this doesn’t justify a change”.


 Council meeting 12/03/12

The City of Sydney Council met to vote on, amongst several items, the adoption of the Draft Sydney Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2011.

Councillors Harris, Doutney and Burgmann all spoke from prepared texts and were opposed to the motion. Clrs Harris and Doutney spoke specifically to the increase of FSR ratios and that neighbouring councils are lowering their FSR ratios. They also were concerned about the raising of FSR ratios  throughout the conservation areas. Clr Burgman moved four amendments and one was passed.


The result of the vote was that those three councillors all opposed the motion. The other seven councillors voted in favour and it was passed.