30th Jun, 2012 - FOE president update

posted 30 Jun 2012, 23:13 by Friends of Erskineville

Residents are well aware of the concerns that have been raised concerning the development of the Ashmore precinct bounded by Ashmore Street, Mitchell Road, Coulson Street and the Bankstown railway line. Those residents that attended the February public meeting convened by FOE to discuss this issue will be aware of the initial proposed statistics – 6000 plus additional people; 3500 residences in 40 blocks; 1950 off street parking spaces.


Following the public meeting FOE made a submission to the COS on this development. In addition FOE devised a generic submission on its web site which residents could then use to lodge a submission on the development – and in excess of 400 submissions were lodged as a result of resident action.


Residents have made it clear they are not opposed to development of the Ashmore site, but however desire that:


1.     The proposed height levels of buildings on the site be restricted to a maximum of 5 storeys as originally approved by the previous South Sydney Council

2.     The issue of flooding is addressed. The Ashmore site is part of the Munni Street flood plain and major work is required to cater for a 1 in 50 year flooding possibility

3.     Public transport infrastructure issues must be resolved prior to the commencement of any construction. The influx of 6000 people will double the population of Erskineville and public transport infrastructure is already overloaded and in crisis

4.     A traffic study must be completed before construction commences. Roads in the suburb are already gridlocked and the COS proposals do not include any traffic study

5.     Plans must include consideration of additional school facilities as well as health care and pre-school facilities


FOE has also met with Leighton Holdings who are the developer of part of the Ashmore site, and have placed resident concerns before the Leighton representatives. In addition meetings have also been held with State parliament representatives for the area and these concerns have also been conveyed to those representatives.


As a result of FOE and resident submissions, the COS is taking action in considering additional studies on the height of buildings and provision of services; traffic and parking; public transport infrastructure and future development in the years ahead. COS has invited FOE to be a part of the review of these studies as they become available in July, but FOE will maintain the necessity for action on the 5 points already enumerated in this newsletter.


Leighton Constructions have lodged a development application to commence construction – and this was allowed to be lodged by COS in the same period as the overall controls for the Ashmore site were being considered. Again, with the assistance of FOE, over 300 submissions have been lodged with council in relation to this application, and the application will be subject to the outcome of the further studies being undertaken by COS.


Ashmore is a major issue for residents and FOE and we shall continue to monitor the situation and engage council and the state government as and when necessary in order to pursue resident wishes in relation to this development.