Feb 29th, Response from The Hon. Kristina Keneally

posted 5 Mar 2012, 17:19 by Friends of Erskineville   [ updated 14 Mar 2012, 05:38 by Friends of Erskineville ]
The community campaign to get the O'Farrell Government to listen to resident's concerns over the Ashmore Estate is gathering pace. I have attached for your information the response I received from the Minister
for Planning and Infrastructure on the 28 February 2012. I also enclose my response to the Minister on this matter. Should the Minister respond and perhaps even answer residents questions I will contact you again. In the meantime, congratulations to the friends of Erskineville on a successful effort to date.


Dear Ms Keneally
I refer to your representations on behalf of your constituents concerning the draft Sydney
Local Environmental Plan 2011 and proposed controls for the Ashmore Industrial Estate in
I note the concerns of your constituents regarding the built form controls that were
exhibited under the draft Plan for the Ashmore Industrial Estate. I also note the support for
the planning controls originally proposed by the City of Sydney Council for the site.
The NSW Government has a strong focus on working collaboratively with local
government. Department of Planning and Infrastructure officers have attended
community meetings to listen to concerns raised by local residents in relation to a wide
range of issues, including the Ashmore Industrial Estate. The Department and Council
have been working together to ensure the views of the community are considered and the
most appropriate controls for the Ashmore Estate are delivered.
Thank you for bringing these concerns to my attention. The matters you have raised will
be carefully considered along with all other submissions before any decision is made on
the draft Plan.