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Erskineville Resident Parking Plan

posted 20 Mar 2013, 10:35 by Friends of Erskineville   [ updated 20 Mar 2013, 10:49 ]

20th Mar, 2013

Dear Fellow Resident

The City of Sydney (COS) Local Pedestrian, Cycling and Traffic Calming Committee (Traffic) met today – 20 March, 2013. On the agenda for the meeting were 3 items relating to Erskineville Parking – but NOT the proposed Resident Parking proposals as recently communicated to residents in COS correspondence.


At the meeting;

  • A small extension to the existing 2P zone in Bray Street was approved
  • A small extension to the existing 2P zone in Concord Street was approved
  • 4 2P slots were approved for Pleasant Avenue

The above approvals will in the long term be subject to the outcome of consultation regarding the proposed COS Parking Policy for the entire city area (except the CBD which will be subject to a stand-alone policy given its difference to residential areas.)


The Parking Policy proposal will be placed on exhibition and residents and interested parties will have the opportunity to comment over a six week period. Following that consultation a final policy will be determined and implemented.


Given that the COS is now proposing a uniform and changed Parking Policy for city residential areas, the current proposals for Erskineville are deferred pending the outcome of discussion of this new initiative. It appeared of no value to Erskineville residents for the city to proceed with the current Erskineville recommendations when an overall city wide policy outcome may override or change those recommendations in the near future. It was deemed better to have a delay now in order to consider the new uniform proposals and consultation to get the policy and outcome right, rather than have more change in the time ahead  In addition, the proposed COS Parking Policy contains more options than were originally proposed to Erskineville residents.


FOE has received an assurance from the COS that consultation processes will be improved on those that have been used to date, and that there will be greater information provided to residents in order that they may make an informed decision as to their individual position in relation to this issue. In particular residents in the area surrounding the Ashmore precinct will have greater information and the opportunity to make a submission based on that increased information.


It is acknowledged that this process has already been in train for 2 years and that divisions exist within the community regarding this issue. However it was deemed better to have an extension to the time frame now in order to try and achieve an outcome that offered greater alternatives and was fair, balanced and workable for all concerned, and which will attempt to avoid problems of overflow from street to street and address other issues raised by residents in submissions. The publication, discussion and submission surrounding the proposed COS Parking Policy will hopefully achieve all these aims and result in a better outcome than currently proposed for ALL Erskineville residents.


The COS proposed Parking Policy is now available and is in three parts – main policy and attachments A and B. Residents are urged to read the policy thoroughly so they are familiar with the proposals. See below links:

COS proposed Parking Policy - main policy

COS proposed Parking Policy - attachment A

COS proposed Parking Policy - attachment B

FOE will continue to monitor this situation and keep residents up to date with proceedings.




Mike Hatton OAM


Friends of Erskineville