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Parking in Erskineville

posted 23 Jun 2012, 22:20 by Friends of Erskineville   [ updated 23 Jun 2012, 22:20 ]
Read the full letter from Clover Moore's office here

After Council endorsed a review of parking in Erskineville last year, the City’s Access and
Transport Unit drafted a study brief in consultation with Friends of Erskineville (FoE).
The parking study brief was ap gc roved in November 2011 and quotes to do the work
sought in December 2011. After the holiday period, when university exams and
holidays would have affected the study results, consultants were engaged in March 2012.

The purpose of this stage of the study is to understand the current parking situation.
The study provides a snapshot of cars parked on two representative blocks of a
street in Erskineville, compared with two blocks in Darlington and Glebe, to gain a
better understanding of parking pressures in Erskineville. All parking on these two
blocks was surveyed over three different days from 6am to 8pm.

City staff will meet with the local community this week to present the draft parking
management strategies and residents have been given a four-page summary of the
study in advance of the meeting. The study indicates that parking saturation is
predominantly linked to residents’ vehicles, not the vehicles of people travelling to
the area.