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NSW State Government - A New Planning System

posted 11 Sep 2012, 20:20 by Friends of Erskineville
The NSW State Government has released a Green Paper for discussion, and the paper relates to a completely new planning system for the state. FOE has some serious concerns about this plan some of which are:

  • The plan limits resident input – input is only allowed in a brief up front window before a Development Application (DA) is lodged
  • Once consultation has taken place in the up front window residents have no further say
  • Residents would no longer be advised of DA’s in their area or invited to comment
  • Economic zones can be created and once created developers have free reign to do what they like provided they adhere to planning standards
  • Developers would be allowed to lodge rezoning proposals
  • If the plan becomes law it will override all DA and Local Environment Plan (LEP) controls
These are but a few of our concerns regarding this plan. FOE again states it is not opposed to development that is properly planned and sustainable, and which takes into account all infrastructure requirements and makes provision for those requirements before development commences. FOE is opposed to development that does not meet these requirements, and a development plan that excludes residents and their community from the detailed planning process. It is our community and our input is necessary and vital in all planning matters.
FOE has developed a generic submission on this matter. We are seeking the support of all residents in making a submission against the plan and the downgrading of resident rights in the planning process.
FOE understands that this new planning initiative is being driven by the development lobby.
The government has nominated midnight Friday September 14 as the cutoff for submissions, and hence we urgently request you lodge the generic submission in an effort to stop these measures being implemented.
Thank you for your support and assistance.
Mike Hatton OAM