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Reply From Councillor Angela Vithoulkas re Ashmore Infrastructure

posted 16 Aug 2013, 18:12 by Friends of Erskineville   [ updated 16 Aug 2013, 18:16 ]

16th Aug. 2013

Hello Mike,

Thank you so much for your  thorough and comprehensive letter from the Friends of Erskineville response to the Ashmore Precinct Stage 2, which is currently on exhibition at the City of Sydney.


As you are aware,  I have been very concerned at the negative impacts on the existing community by the Ashmore Estate Development.  These impacts are enormous and will have long lasting repercussions.  Putting aside for a moment the parking and traffic issues, the concept of proceeding to build an enormous estate without reference to infrastructure is simply ill conceived.  I am on the Floodplain Risk Management Committee and the notion of putting more people into an area which is chronically plagued by floods until the appropriate flood mitigation works have been established is irresponsible. Whilst there has been much work put into the planning for flood mitigation works, the fact remains that the area is subject to long term strategies that require the co-operation of the State Government, Sydney Water and the Council and of course a huge amount of money. 


The parking issue has become a massive problem for residents all over the LGA.  The Lord Mayor has an agenda to discourage cars and will pursue that vision at every opportunity.  Each month I see developments come before Council  with little or no parking and there is little thought given to the effect that they will have on the existing residents.  I am also horrified at the way the existing scant parking is being cannibalised by car schemes.  I support car share schemes for many reasons, but there is ample opportunity to have them park without a net loss to the existing residents parking availability.


The fact that only one street was included in the Traffic and Parking study is inadequate at best and misleading at worst.  I have seen for myself the extreme traffic issues around Waterloo at peak hour.  The huge numbers of people living there have no public transport and are forced into using cars because of that.  The area is completely underserviced and the residents are suffering as a result of approvals without thought for the needs of the future inhabitants. 


I welcome a robust debate on these matters at Council, but that view is not shared by all Councillors.   At the last Council meeting when I requested that the Lord Mayor verbally declare when she used her casting vote on the interests of transparency and accountability, she publically declared that I was “a timewaster”.  I intend to make a formal request to Council that the infrastructure needs of Ashmore are acknowledged and addressed as a matter of urgency.  I hope that my motion on behalf of the Erskineville community will be successful.




Kind regards

Councillor Angela Vithoulkas

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