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Impacts of Delegating DA Approval

posted 8 Apr 2012, 03:20 by Friends of Erskineville   [ updated 8 Apr 2012, 03:21 ]

This is a true story about the im
pact developments are having within the heritage conservation area of Belmont and Lawrence Streets, Alexandria. As part of the 2011 Draft Local Environment Plan, Council has determined that residents only have a right to receive two hours of direct sunlight into their properties, with anything outside that being a bonus. This can and is having a dramatic impact on residents as the plan does not cover existing sunlight conditions, which is a factor leading to some very bad decisions as it essentially allows development up to the boundaries of ones property; essentially, council is encouraging the filling in of light wells/passages that have for generations allowed sunlight to penetrate otherwise dimly lit dwellings. One such approved development is happening at 268 & 270 Belmont Street and the impacts on the owners of number 272 have been severe and are detailed below.

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