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FOE June 2013 update

posted 19 Jun 2013, 03:46 by Friends of Erskineville   [ updated 19 Jun 2013, 04:02 ]

19 June, 2013



You will recall that I wrote to you on 20 March, 2013 to advise you of the latest development concerning proposed resident parking schemes for Erskineville. The information in that letter came from the Council of the City of Sydney (COS) together with a commitment from COS to follow their plan as outlined in my letter.


COS have now reversed their position and have commenced allowing resident parking to be introduced street by street when requested by residents, and which may well lead to the overflow and other problems that residents enunciated with the initial failed survey instituted by COS in February 2013. This reversal of previous intent took place without any advice to FOE or without any opportunity for input from residents – in fact FOE learnt of the change by way of a copy of a letter from COS to residents proposing a resident parking scheme in two streets in Erskineville.


The latest proposal from COS for resident parking in all urban areas of the city is on exhibition and available for comment until 5 July, 2013. The proposal can be accessed at www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/council/onexhibition. Click on to Current Exhibitions and then the header Draft Neighborhood Parking Policy.


Given the number of concerns expressed by residents over the initial scheme, FOE urges all residents to read the proposal and make a submission before the close off date of 5 July, 2013. A lack of submissions may well be taken as no need for any action, and no action is not the feedback that FOE has received on this issue as many have expressed concerns.


Councilor Linda Scott, who is an Erskineville resident, has requested that you copy your submission to her by email to lscott@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au. Councilors are not given access to resident submissions on individual matters and hence Councillor Scott’s request so that she has feedback as to what Erskineville residents want as an outcome to this issue.


To assist you with your submission, FOE provides the following information:


1.      According to Bureau of Statistics (BOS) information there is an average one car (possibly more) to every household in Erskineville (also taking into account households that state they do not have a car)

2.      BOS 2011 census indicated that the number of cars owned and parked by residents had risen by almost 300 between the 2008 and 2011 census. In addition 17.7% of households had 2 cars attached to that dwelling, and 2.8% of households had 3 cars or more attached to that dwelling. FOE understands that these figures may have well increased since 2011 given the changing population demographic for the suburb.

3.      The Ashmore development will have approximately 1600 more residences than available parking spaces, and a resident parking scheme will not be permitted by COS within the development, and nor will Ashmore residents be permitted to have a parking permit for any resident parking scheme that may be introduced in the adjacent area. Hence there is a possible future overflow of cars into surrounding streets if those streets are not resident parking only restricted

4.      Trains ex Erskineville station in peak hour are overloaded to the extent of between 13 and 18 people standing for every person seated – state rail figures. The latest “new” train timetable does not alter for Erskineville and does not provide any additional services. In addition bus services are inadequate. FOE understands that no major change to this situation is proposed before 2017, although it is anticipated that the Ashmore development will be occupied by up to 1500 – 2000 more people by the end of 2014 – and hence a 3 year gap in further possible increased services to cope with any additional population. It is probable that this lack of infrastructure will lead to residents retaining and using cars as opposed to public transport – and hence increased parking requirements.

5.      Submission consideration needs to be given to the required restricted hours in high traffic areas such as streets adjacent to Erskineville Road, and those streets currently used by commuters as a daily parking lot.




Some residents are concerned at a proposed development of a site between Erskineville Road and Baldwin Street on the western edge of the public car park adjacent to the Erskineville Hotel. FOE understands that it is proposed to erect 14 one room boarding house type units with no attached parking.


For concerned residents that wish to make a submission, the link for the development application is available on our web site – www.erskinevillevillage.org. Note that the close off for submissions on this matter has now been extended to 28 June, 2013. Again a copy of any submission should be emailed to Councilor Scott at lscott@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au






FOE has received a letter from a lady resident of Northampton in the United Kingdom – Mrs. Janet Sheppard. Mrs Sheppard has made it her life’s work to tend the graves of 5 World War 1 Aussie soldiers who are buried in Northampton, and each Anzac day she ensures that the soldiers are remembered with a cross on their graves adorned with Rosemary.


One of the soldiers who is buried in Northampton is 2975 Pte Reginald Scanes of the 53rd Battalion Australian Infantry. Private Scanes passed away on 6th May, 1918 and was an Erskineville resident before going overseas in the army.


Private Scanes parents were Samuel and Margaret Scanes who lived at 7 Malcolm Street, Erskineville.


Mrs Sheppard is keen to make contact with any relatives of the Scanes family as detailed in this note, and if you are able to assist with any contact information please email it to president@erskinevillevillage.org or send it to FOE, P O Box 427, Erskineville 2043.


Thanks for your assistance with these matters


Mike Hatton OAM