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Erskineville Parking Study

posted 8 Mar 2013, 15:04 by Friends of Erskineville   [ updated 8 Mar 2013, 15:26 ]

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7 March, 2012

Dear Fellow Resident

As you know the City of Sydney Council (COS) has recently conducted a parking survey for the area of Erskineville west of Erskineville Railway Station. The COS distributed the survey to 2,306 residences in Erskineville but only received a total of 364 responses. Subsequently the COS has written to residents advising what action is proposed on a street by street basis.


As previously advised, Friends of Erskineville (FOE) has not taken a position either for or against a resident parking scheme for our suburb as the decision to implement or not implement a scheme is a matter for residents alone.


Since the receipt of the letter from the COS containing their proposal for each street, some residents have expressed concern over the proposed outcome and have requested FOE to act in this matter. Given that FOE does not have a position on the issue, all FOE can do is facilitate contact between residents and COS as a community service.


Residents should by now be aware of the following:


1.       COS intends that the present proposals will go to the COS Traffic Committee for agreement on 20 March, 2013 and be implemented after that date. Cut off for further submissions following the receipt of the COS proposals was 22 February, 2013


2.       COS has confirmed that the Ashmore Estate development will have a limited 2P parking restriction on roads in that estate and there will be no resident parking scheme implemented as part of the development. It is proposed that there will be approximately 1900 fewer off street car parking spaces available than there will be residences in the Ashmore development. Thus it may be assumed that there will be a spill over from Ashmore development resident vehicles into surrounding streets if those surrounding streets have unrestricted parking, resulting in a loss of parking space to residents of those streets. Affected streets could possibly include Macdonald, Goddard, Eve, Victoria, George, Ashmore, Malcolm and Binning streets – some of which are already stressed for parking.


3.       For any resident scheme to reduce and or restrict motor vehicle ownership and usage to be successful a viable and efficient public transport system is essential. State Rail figures confirm that trains ex Erskineville Station in peak hours are up to 180% of capacity. The present bus service is lacklustre and it is understood that to make a timetable change requires a two year notice period. In 2012 FOE addressed a Central Sydney Planning Committee meeting on this public transport issue, and at that meeting it was learned that the State government can/will only make very minor changes to the current public transport situation “at the edges”, and it is unlikely that there will be any major change to or improvement in the present situation for at least another 5 years and possibly longer. During this 5 year delay period it is anticipated that Stage 1 of the Ashmore development will be completed and occupied possibly bringing up to another 1500 residents into the suburb.


4.       Streets where COS proposes some resident only parking are also adjacent to streets in which it is proposed that there will be no resident scheme – that is those streets will have unrestricted parking. There will probably again be overflow from restricted parking streets into non-restricted streets – some of which are already parking stressed – and hence a reduction of parking availability for residents of the non-restricted streets.


5.       The Alexandria survey in 2012 was implemented on a zone basis and hence avoided the problems just outlined. This has not been done in Erskineville. In addition to this, in Alexandria, following release of the COS proposals for the area, there was a second public meeting held on a Saturday to discuss those proposals, with the meeting attended and chaired by Lord Mayor Clover Moore and with 5 Councillors in attendance. As at March 7, 2013 COS has declined to facilitate a second meeting for Erskineville residents to discuss COS proposals.


6.       Some residents wish to have extended 1P or 2P restricted hours past the proposed 10pm time frame, and others want reduced hours below the 10 pm time frame. This situation has arisen dependent on the location of the street or section of the street – either a location where there are reduced levels of traffic, or a location where there are increased levels of traffic. Some residents do not believe this has been taken into account in the COS proposals.


7.       At this time COS has stated there will be no visitor parking provision in any implemented resident scheme pending finalisation of the present Alexandria visitor parking trial scheme in the second half of 2013. Many residents consider this unacceptable and believe that if a resident parking scheme is introduced then a temporary visitor parking scheme should also be implemented pending the Alexandria result. It is not acceptable to many residents that a resident scheme be implemented which does not allow for visitor parking.


8.       Residents in adjacent streets believe there should be special attention paid to any scheme at or near the proposed supermarket on the corner of Gowrie Street and Erskineville Road.


9.       The current proposals are suggested with no definitive traffic plan for Erskineville, and in particular in relation to the Ashmore development. It is not known if and when such a traffic plan will be available.


10.   COS has indicated that it cannot advise future plans for car share spaces as these are dependent upon allocation at the time of a request for additional spaces.


11.   Full detail of the proposal for each street can be accessed at www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au and then typing Erskineville Parking Study into the search box. Note that plans for each street do not include plans for adjacent streets and hence residents may have to also access adjacent street plans to judge the full effect of any proposal.


These are some of the issues that have been raised with FOE. Some residents believe that the implementation of any scheme must be


·         accompanied by visitor parking provisions;

·         not be decided upon until such time as a second meeting is convened by COS to discuss the proposals that have been made;

·         that any such meeting be held during the day on a weekend to allow for maximum attendance by residents as was the case in Alexandria.


In an effort to assist the community, FOE has developed a letter on the issue which can be used by residents if they wish to give their opinion to and communicate with COS. FOE will not lodge a request in order to maintain its neutral position on this issue.


If you are one of the residents who believe that the current proposals require further discussion; that any proposal must include a visitor parking scheme; and that the proposals should be openly discussed at a public meeting convened by COS before they are submitted to the COS Traffic Committee for approval; then you may access the letter here. Simply follow the instructions and complete the form with you name, residential address and email address and the letter will be immediately forwarded to COS with a request for action.


Friends of Erskineville