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David Aitken ~ local resident submission

posted 13 Feb 2012, 03:56 by Friends of Erskineville   [ updated 13 Feb 2012, 03:58 ]

As a local resident and a member of the Friends of Erskineville, I have serious concerns with the new Draft Amendment which seeks to replace the current controls for the precinct with a document that is seriously flawed in that it proposes to raise the density of the site from 1:1 (the western sector) and 1.25:1 to 1.75:1 (in the eastern or Goodman sector), a 75% increase to the western half of the site and a 40% increase to the eastern half of the site without any serious regard to the traffic and transport needs or urban design quality and servicing of the new residential development. I and other residents in the area are concerned that Council’s proposal to amend the current Development Control plan (DCP) and increase the residential density of this site by increasing FSR and building heights is being driven by developer pressure on the Department of Planning, rather than on a thorough understanding of the form and servicing of a livable and sustainable city of villages.

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