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posted 14 Oct 2012, 04:02 by Friends of Erskineville   [ updated 18 Oct 2012, 02:21 ]

Dear Fellow Resident


I refer to previous advice that the Central Sydney Planning Committee (CSPC) would meet  on October 11, 2012 to consider the Development Application (DA) from Leighton Properties to commence construction at the Ashmore Precinct site.

As previously explained, the present DA varied markedly from the one on which residents were asked to make submissions in March 2012. In addition the DA contained many conditions that have to be met at a later date after the approval process, and which residents will not be made aware of at the time nor have the opportunity to comment on. One major item in this category is the Traffic Management Plan.

In addition to the letter to the Lord Mayor and the Committee previously sent to residents on 5 October, 2012, FOE addressed the Committee meeting and that address together with a Summary of Issues can be accessed via the link at the end of this advice. Note that FOE was only allowed 3 minutes in which to make an address.

In addition, Councillor Linda Scott (Labor) on behalf of herself and Mr. Ron Hoenig (State Member for Heffron) addressed the Committee and fully supported the FOE position and letter to the Lord Mayor regarding the DA.


Whilst the 3 City Council representatives led by the Lord Mayor were in favour of approving the DA, former Planning Minister Craig Knowles, who is a member of the Committee, expressed concern that residents had not been adequately informed of the changes to the DA since March 2012, or what was planned in the present DA. Hence Mr. Knowles moved a motion that the council conducts a communication programme with all Erskineville residents to explain the changes that had taken place, and in particular to advise what was planned in the areas of public transport infrastructure and child care facilities.


The Lord Mayor agreed to Mr. Knowles motion and the committee then voted unanimously to approve the DA.


It is of concern that all the issues raised by FOE on behalf of residents were not addressed and the recommendations were not agreed, and as yet there has been no response from the Lord Mayor to the FOE letter of 5 October, 2012. However the DA is now approved and Leighton has the authority to proceed without any further reference to residents.


The FOE presentation and Summary of Issues (4 pages) can be accessed using this link



Mike Hatton OAM