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18 Mar, commencement of works at the Ashmore site

posted 18 Mar 2012, 04:45 by Friends of Erskineville
Friends of Erskineville are aware of communication from Leighton concerning commencement of works at the Ashmore site.

The work that is commencing Monday 19 March, 2012 is the first stage – clean up and decontamination of the site and erection of a display centre for the sale of apartments etc. in the proposed construction when it is approved. This first stage work was approved by the council we believe pre-Christmas.

The next stage is the development application (DA) for the actual building construction and that is what the submission on our web site for residents to use is all about, and is what we got an extension on till March 23. Leighton are requesting up to 8 storeys in apartments and also 2 storey terraces. FOE have as yet not completed their submission which hopefully will be very detailed. This DA is still subject to submissions and as yet has not been approved by council and until such time as council does approve it they cannot start actual construction work.

As for Leighton abiding by the Local Environment Plan (LEP) – we are of the view that the Lord Mayor and her independent councillors, together with the Liberal Councillor Mallard have agreed the LEP and will force it through no matter what. It is a concern as aside from other things the proposed LEP increases floor space ratios by up to 35% which means more dense construction, and in our view may open the door for development of parts of Erskineville that up to now have been free of such a threat. FOE made submissions on this in person to the Council Meeting and Planning Committee meeting but those submissions – together with similar ones from Rosebery, Chippendale, Alexandria etc. - have been ignored, and in fact Council’s chief planner indicated they were of little relevance.

Just also to clarify – the six independent councillors and Liberal Councillor Mallard voted to exempt Ashmore from the LEP controls and for it to have a specific DA. This means that in fact the controls in the LEP and any Development Control Plan can be ignored by council if they wish in favour of what Goodman may submit for approva