The Village of Erskineville
The core of the Village is the retail strip primarily located between Bridge Street & Angel Street along Erskineville Road, and then down beyond Erskineville Station to the shops and cafes clustering around the Kurrajong Hotel opposite Erskineville Oval.
It comprises a mixture of small cafes, restaurants and local business, such as the deli, florist, supermarket, video store, Post Office and bakery. There are four historical Art Deco pubs in the area – the previously mentioned Kurrajong, The Rose of Australia, and the Erskineville and Imperial Hotels. 
All our shop businesses are less than 150m2 in size primarily catering for local residents, who walk to do their shopping in the village. This mixture of small business has created a unique 'village like' environment; encouraging people to not only get to personally know their local business owners, but also many of their neighbours and other local residents as well.
This has fostered a  friendly, supportive environment, making Erskineville a very special place to live amongst the city’s busy inner precinct of South Sydney. The environment of this special locality known as Erskineville is a very delicate one, and would be easily destroyed by inappropriate developments.
Luckily, Erskineville has a tight knit community with a strong sense of how unique and special its area is; hence the passion of Friends of Erskineville to protect and enhance our Village! 
“The people of Erskineville love the village atmosphere, valued by locals as a ‘small country town minutes from the city and coast’. Erskineville Road with its friendly ‘community vibe’ is a place with no pretension. The village ‘feel’ is reinforced by the school, the station, the square, the community centre, local shops, leafy trees and relaxed café hubs. Residents say Erskineville is a tight community with strong sense of local identity.”

Excerpts from 2007 Local Action Plan, City of Sydney, Inner West for Erskineville Village